Arthur Conan Doyle - Sherlock Holmes


The Victorian sleuth needs no introduction. Doyle’s creation is one of the most influential literary works of all time. The four novels and 56 short stories have spawned  countless books, films, audio dramas ect. since it all began circa 130 years ago. As a devout Anglophile, Victorian era preferred, I can’t praise Holmes enough. The setting, the old English speech, the dazzling mind of Holmes, the good natured ribbing between Holmes and Watson, the humor, is all brilliantly done. Highly recommended. The modern reader will note casual racism and misogyny here and there in the books. Nothing major, a sign of the times. There is also drug use, but as it is not described favourably, it’s no big deal.        

Many have taken on the role of Holmes and Watson during the last century, but my favourite pair is Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. Both in film and radio dramatizations. Granted the modern movies are entertaining, but do deviate from the books, especially Watson and Mycroft, Holmes’ much smarter brother. The modern TV series is really good. If you have not read Doyle’s works yet, then I envy you. They are a huge influence on my own writing. /Gordon.  

Gordon HooperComment