One week on Hunger Buddy + diet shakes.


So, 1 week on hunger buddy pills, and diet shakes 600 cal /d. resulted in: -3.1kg. :D And no, you naysayers, it’s not water weight, it’s all blubber weight! >:( Cheated a couple of days and added a few hundred cal. So I might have gone -3.5 kg, or more if I walked 1 h per day, which I only managed half the time. Some days were hard, but nothing close to the hunger pangs and insomnia of only using the diet shakes. I could continue to the full three weeks without a problem. But I want to work out, and try intermittent fasting that’s all the rage. Joe Rogan has a good clip on it on youtube, with Dr. Rhonda Patrick. It was a great week, I had low energy, but managed to kick my caffeine and junk food habit. Now, that I’ve flushed the toxins out of my system and lost some weight, the plan is to work out like the devil, eat plenty of greens and lean protein, some carbs. And get back to meditating, easier now that I’m not constantly buzzing on caffeine. Feels great to get off that energy roller-coaster. I’ll keep using the hunger buddy and shakes sporadically. H buddy when I’ve worked out and don’t want to overeat. The chocolate shakes when I feel like having candy, instead of a snickers.Try it out yourselves and let me know how you did.

Gordon HooperComment