Jordan Peterson visited Scandinavia three weeks ago.


Jordan Peterson visited Scandinavia three weeks ago. Norwegian host Fredrik Skavlan, and Swedish leader for the Center party, and perhaps our future minister of state, Annie Lööf, were hilariously unprepared. I mean how could they not know who they were going up against? So they sit there like stuttering toddlers, as daddy explains how the real world works. I'm not sure I could do better as the only way I'd win a debate with the man would be if i brought a gun. I agree with ca 50% of what I’ve heard Peterson say online. It’s too bad that he, just like the gender neutral, ding-bat feminists, has so many crazy ideas. As what he says that makes sense, really needs to be said here in Feminist-Iran, aka Absurdistan, aka Sweden. Just like watching Fox news, watching his debates (a guilty pleasure) gives a thrill of equal parts hilarity and terror. Mindboggling that he has so many zealous followers, that typically are discontent with society/politics etc. then finds some kind of Jesus persona that can do no wrong, who’s flaws and bad actions they choose to ignore or explain away. Like people voting for the Evil Pumpkin across the pond. In response to his visit our Minister for Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström said “He can crawl back under the rock where he came from.” Another non-intellectual personal attack on Peterson that, as always, played into his hands. His calm, through full response, as usual, made her look like a dummy. What do you think? Here is the vid on youtube.

Gordon HooperComment