New Review for Alex and Katija, the Terrible Two

Another review for Alex and Katija, the Terrible Two. :D From Victor Edwardsson. Thanks again! It’s parked at the Swedish site Bokus. A temporary measure until I figure out how to do promo, now that Amazon has thrown a wrench in the works. He also offered a piece of constructive criticism, which is vital for my development as a writer. So now it’s time to fulfil your New Year’s resolution, and finally read and review A&K 2 as you promised. :P

“This is great fun! When I wrote my review for "High and mighty" I headlined it "The most fucked-up book I've ever read and I love it". So, what about this new one? Well, the "fucked-up" part hasn't changed and not the "I love it" either. It's still highly inappropriate, the story is very unlikely and the result is still one of the funniest books I've ever read. If you love things like logic and equality then perhaps you should try look for another book but if you, like me, likes rocket launchers, flamethrowers and gore, well then here's a book for you!”

Gordon HooperComment