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These are the first two books in the Alex and Katija series, published by New Libri Press. Click on the images to go to their Amazon store page and read their reviews. Book no. 3 in the series is put on hold due to the current project - The Dungeon. It’s a funny and offensive fantasy tale. It will be published Jebus knows when. Be warned - all his works are evil and fiercely anti-PC! If you have a black heart and a wicked sense humor - then welcome. If not, the little X at the top right corner is your fastest escape from here, you wuss!


Alex and Katija

Alex and Katija are quite the pair. Selfish, cruel, greedy, sleazy and violent—why, the negative adjectives could easily fill a small volume of their own. Over the top, always offensive and never politically correct—their sole redeeming quality is, they are not child molesters.
Alex is heir and owner of the Holstein Private Investigation Agency, located in Stockholm, Sweden. While he is the agency’s brains, Katija provides the brawn, as resident henchwoman. Their setup is sweet, with a never-ending supply of clients appearing at their doorstep and asking for help, only to be swindled out of their money, robbed, or beaten, and then sent on their way. Except some who, wrapped in chains, are dumped into the murky waters of nearby Nybro Viken.
Alex and Katija fight the natural as well as the supernatural—the only thing they really dread is the horrors of gainful employment. This threat is ever present as their finances are chronically atrocious, usually due to the black vacuum of the weekend, with all its powders and pills.
Their cases take them across the globe—so beware! There is NOWHERE to hide.

Alex and Katija 2

They are back!
Alex and Katija, a couple so wicked they make Bonnie and Clyde look like Mary Poppins and Pee-wee Herman. Sid and Nancy – Jehovah’s Witnesses. Adolf and Eva – A pair of jaywalkers at the Octoberfest. They are joined again by Mira, the girl genius, Stalin, the mean dog, and Balls, the daemon possessed parrot.
Times are dire for this infamous group. Broke, and on the verge of being homeless, their chemical fun budget has been severely reduced – a shocking development! Nor do they get to play with exotic, tanned broads abroad. No, their adventures in Sweden keep them busy as bees on Benzedrine.
This modern masterpiece contains five delights:
•A serious tangle with a new, unique form of life.
•Alex does some self-examination.
•An infernal invasion.
•Honesty rears its ugly head.
•Payback is a frigid feminist.

Warning! Do not operate heavy machinery whilst reading this book. Reading this book may result in unwanted side-effects, including: Hysterical fits of laugher. Voiding that stick up your ass. Growing a pair. Getting your panties in a bunch. Heart attack due to micro and mega aggressions. Spontaneous feminist combustion (SFC). Millennial safe space agoraphobia (MSSA). Anaphylactic shock and seizures due to lack of trigger warning in the introduction.