The No Sleep Podcast


The first one out of the gate is a doozy. The No Sleep Podcast. Horror at its finest. Really like the story of how it began as a storytelling group on Reddit, later hosted and produced by Canadian David Cummings as a podcast. He took a gamble and left his regular job to follow his dream. The podcast started out good, but green. As it grew in popularity the quality of the production increased as well. It has become one hell of a success. I really like his outlook on what he calls the horror podcast community. He frequently recommends his competitors, with the assumption that what is good for the community will benefit No Sleep as well. As a Swede this appeals to me. And of course if they recommend him back it’s a win-win, right? The writing, sound effects, music and voice acting are all superb. Highly recommended. Would love to go to one of their live tours, but sadly I do not live in North America. I listen to it via Spotify. Click their name above to check out their site.    

Gordon HooperComment