Wooden Overcoats - British comedy at its best!


Wooden Overcoats is about a pair of siblings that run a funeral home on the Island of Piffling, in the English channel, by putting the fun in funerals. Walking disaster Rudyard Funn is the front man, as his creepy, socially awkward twin sister Antigone Funn handles the embalming in her dark crypt of a mortuary. A plucky lass, Georgie handles the manual labour, and is great at everything. Madeline, a narrating, author mouse also resides with the Funns. Trouble starts when the annoyingly competent Eric Chapman opens a competing funeral home. Shepherding his flock is agnostic reverend Nigel Wavering.

This gem is really flying under the radar, at least under the Swedish radar. Stumbled upon it by mistake, and man I’m happy I did. It’s absolutely brilliant and hilarious. A must for all devout anglophiles.

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Gordon HooperComment